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ABOUT US 24. – 26. 05.2024.

ABOUT US 24. – 26. 05.2024.

Take advantage of a unique opportunity - for the first time in Croatia, visit the KOI & BONSAI SHOW and explore the wonderful world of koi carp, bonsai, and Japanese culture.

Unique opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of various types of koi carp from Japan, as well as collections of miniature bonsai trees. In addition to the exhibition part, in collaboration with our partners, we have prepared a rich selection of aquarium equipment, plants, decorations, care products, and equipment for ponds and lakes.

We want to share with you the magic of the sensational colors and patterns of koi carp and bring you closer to their magical world of graceful movements and exceptionally strong symbolism they carry.

Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to acquaint yourself with Japanese culture through workshops we have prepared as part of a rich program.

Enjoy the international exhibition of miniature trees and view impressive collections from growers in Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia.

Join us on an unforgettable journey and dive with us into the magical world of Japanese fish of happiness and prosperity!

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