Koi & Bonsai Show Zagreb 2024 Giveaway

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As promised, it's finally time for the giveaway. To participate, sign up for our newsletter or join the Facebook event KOI & BONSAI SHOW ZAGREB. If you want to triple your chances of winning, share this post. Good luck!


First prize

Bonsai tree

Second prize

Koi carp from a Japanese Koi farm

Third prize

Bonsai tool and equipment set

Fourth prize

"The Secrets of Koi Unravelled" by Jos Aben

All users who join the Facebook event or sign up for the newsletter will be eligible for a random selection of winners. The contest runs until April 21, 2024, and the winners will be announced within 7 days after the end of the contest via Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and/or Email.

**The organizer reserves the right to change the duration of the contest and the date of winner announcement.

***Images of prizes are symbolic and do not represent the actual appearance of the prize.

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See you at the Koi & Bonsai Show at Family Mall!